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Four Paws Mobile Pet Grooming is a local, family owned business that offers quality and loving grooming services. We strive to make sure each of our furry friends is treated with the best care possible. Our mobile grooming service comes to you and we proudly offer service to Santa Fe and the surrounding areas. 


Four Paws Mobile Pet Grooming offers a full range of professional pet grooming services that come right to your door, including full grooming, brush and bath, puppy bathing and trim, and careful customization. Our Lead Groomer is here to provide the highest quality service and attention to detail, so you can rest assured your pet will look and feel their best.

Dog gets hair cut at Pet Spa Grooming Salon. Closeup of Dog. The dog is trimmed with sciss

Full Groom

Our Full Groom service is the ultimate pampering experience for your pup! We provide a full service nose to tail wash, brush, and custom cut tailored to your pet's individual needs. Our experienced groomers use the highest quality products to keep your pet looking their best!

A happy Golden Retriever dog ready to take a bath in the tub.  He is wearing a shower cap

Bath and Brush

Our Bath and Brush service is the perfect way to keep your pup looking and smelling their best! We use a gentle shampoo and conditioner to give your pup a thorough clean, then brush and style their fur to leave them looking fresh and clean!

cool funny  poodle dog resting and relaxing in   spa wellness salon center ,wearing a  bat

Customized Services

Our Customized Grooming services are the perfect way to keep your pup looking and feeling their best. From gentle introduction puppy grooming to tooth brushing, and Anal Gland expression we have you covered. We are here as your partner in pup care, offering personalized advice and services to keep your pup looking and feeling great.

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Trimming the Fur
Brushing the Fur
Brushing the Fur
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Our prices vary on size and breed of dog. Please submit an intake form to be connected with one of our amazing groomers! 

A $9.95 convenience fee is added to all service calls. 

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About Us

Four Paws Mobile Pet Grooming is proud to have a team of experienced and passionate professionals who understand the importance of quality grooming for your pet. Our lead groomer Crystal has been providing loving care to local pets for over 14 years, in addition our grooming expert Jennifer brings over six years of experience and attentive care to the table! Trust Four Paws to provide the best grooming care for your furry friend.

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